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PDFCreator 1.4.0

By pdfforge  (Open Source)
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# Improvements:
* Improved Setup: Expert settings are now accessible with a single click
* PDFCreator can now sign and encrypt PDFs at the same time
* Includes PDFArchitect 0.5.6 and Images2PDF 0.9.0
* Improved performance with a really large amount of files in the queue
* Fixed ordering problem when a lot of print jobs arrive in quick succession
# Bug Fixes:
* A Problem with Author token
* Some problems with dots and brackets in the title
* An error that caused an additional backslash in the ClientComputer token under certain circumstances
* Slow conversion of PS files from the command line
* Some problems with unicode in the metadata
* Some problems with pdfcmon on terminal servers
* A problem with user defined paper sizes
* PDFArchitect crashed, when the last page was moved
* Fixed some other minor bugs