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PeaZip 5.5.0

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By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)

- PeaZip Additional Format Plugin 2, now containing also quad and balz binaries
* Image manager
- Added 4K and 8K formats pre-sets in fit image to resolution
- Added JPEG quality 90, 75 and 50 to Image manager pre-set context menu entries
- Added TIFF, PPM, and XPM formats as image conversion options
- Added to context menu (in Image manager group) common pre-set entries for resize, fit, and convert operations
- New advanced rename functions (context menu): uppercase, lowercase, add string at fixed position, delete n chars at fixed position, replace/remove string (optionally case sensitive), change file extension
- New file rename dropdown menu also featured in File management tool bar
# New advanced selection features
- Starting with same character (optionally case sensitive) of selected object
- Size similar to selected object; size smaller/larger than
- Date similar to selected object; current hour, day, week, month, year
- Advanced selection dialog Select..., features add/subtract to current selection, available in toolbar, address bar (search group) and context menu
# New Copy path feature: copy current path or selected items paths as UTF8 string for any use
# Various fixes
- Added "Halt system after task completion" flag in Advanced compression/extraction options tab
- Added option to remove single intermediate directory upon Extract to new folder operation in Options > Settings > Archive management
# PeaLauncher
- New task options dropdown menu in the button on the left of "Cancel", showing thread priority option and "Cancel all"
- "Cancel" notification no longer trigger additional message box
# New "Cancel all" function stop the sequence of following tasks
- 179 file extensions supported
- Added support for .xzm Porteus Linux packages