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PeaZip 3.9.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Fixed bug in saving window's height when using PeaZip from context menu
* Re-introduced and improved contextual menus for toolbar buttons
- Add: shows favorite formats menu to directly select the archive format
- Convert: as add, but the favorite format menu starts archive conversion
- Extract: shows menu to extract all and (when browsing archives) displayed or selected content
- Extract all to: shows quick extraction menu
- Test: shows additional functions menu
* Reorganized keyboard shortcuts
- Organize shortcuts, related the way file/archive browser displays content, are associated to Alt combinations
> Alt+0 swap tool bar (priority to functions) and address bar (priority to navigation)
> Alt+1 hide/show menu bar
> Alt+2 toggle toolbar mode
> Alt+3 hide/show address bar
> Alt+4 toggle navigation bar
> Alt+5 toggle broser mode
> Alt+6 toggle
> Alt+7 Toggle sorting
^ Ctrl+Alt+1 sort by name
^ Ctrl+Alt+2 sort by type
^ Ctrl+Alt+3 sort by size
^ Ctrl+Alt+4 sort by packed size
^ Ctrl+Alt+5 sort by date
^ Ctrl+Alt+6 sort by attributes
^ Ctrl+Alt+7 sort by crc
> Alt+8 toggle status bar
^ Shift+Alt+0..6 jump to specific status bar view
> Alt+9 configure custom applications
- Quick options (Shift+Ctrl combinations): added Shift+Ctrl+O to toggle "open output path when job completes"
- Common operations are associated to Ctrl combinations (unchanged)
- F3 start search while in PeaZip's file browser, and system's search while in other modes (in order to search and drag files/folder to PeaZip)
> Alt+F3 always start system's search
* Reorganized browser's context menu and other GUI elements
- explore path made more prominent, featured in main context menu (and in navigation popup menu)
- select all made more prominent featured in main context menu grouped with Sort by submenu
- displayed sort column in status bar, especially useful when browser is not in Details mode
* Themes
- added 48 px icons, used in "icons" mode (any browser's size)
- added themes with embedded graphic: Seven-embedded (now default theme for all systems) and Nographic-embedded
- Seven and Firecrystal themes are distributed as compressed packages, this allows faster installation deploying less files
* Size submenu in Organize, for selecting size of browser's icons
- small (default) small icons 16 px (in details and list mode) / large icons 64 px (in icons mode)
- medium 32 px / 128 px
- large 64 px / 256 px

* Added extraction support for ZIPX format

* Added file association for ZIPX files
* Added shortcut in Start menu to reset the application to factory settings