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PeaZip 4.0.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* (Windows) File manager shows image thumbnails and information about graphic files, only while browsing/searching the filesystem
- thumbnails does not get stored
- thumbnails calculation generates a set of 4 dedicated threads, if folder or search filter is changed a new set of threads is created and old threads are stopped as soon as possible (file level and thread level granularity: each thread can be stopped separately, at the completition of each image)
- Organize > Show picture thumbnails in main menu toggle the feature on/off
* No file is selected when an archive is opened (generally, anytime listing root level of the archive), so by default extract button performs "extract all"
* F2 remapped to rename file(s) as in Windows' file explorer
- Unchanged: Ctrl+F2 browse desktop, Shift+F2 browse computer root, Ctrl+Shift+F2 browse archive's root
* PeaLauncher improved as standalone application, at startup accepts drag and drop of a single archive to be extracted (or alternatively it can start file selection dialog)
* Elapsed time string shows minutes and seconds if the job takes more than one minute