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PeaZip 4.2.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Immersive mode for file browser (full screen, no window border), toggle with Ctrl+F11 (option is volatile, not saved in configuration, it is just meant for enhancing browsing space on request)
* Improved custom applications menus
- allows 8 more applications, links or scripts
- automatically detects recent AVG versions, Microsoft Security Essentials, Google Chrome
* Improved thumbnail viewer
- does not rebuild thumbnails when sorting
- free memory changing small/large icon size
* Fixed: (Windows) browsing computer's root may fail at application startup
* Fixed: (Windows) loading list of objects from system context menu may not work under some conditions, only the first time application runs in a session
* Fixed: descending sorting is now remembered
* Fixed: correct size is now reported in status bar for selected items over 2GB
* Various minor fixes and improvements
* ARC format, now archiving relative paths by default, optionally absolute paths can be stored (advanced options tab in archive creation interface)
* More information dispayed in report tab during operation: completed strings are displayed
* Reduce packages size
- some superseeded formats (lpaq1/5, paq8f/jd/l) moved to external plugin
- uses uncompressed Winodws icons (package compression is more efficient)