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PeaZip 4.6.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Pea backend updated to 0.40
* UPX backed updated to 3.08
* Updated used Wolfgang Ehrhardt's crypto libraries with packages crc_hash_2012-03-27, ppch_2012-03-27, and util_2012-03-27
* Added "Recent archives" group in Navigation bar
* Added quick link to "Users" folder in Filesystem group (in Navigation bar and navigation menus)
* Improved quick jump context menu (Navigation bar, breadcrumb), now displaying first 4 bookmarks and first 4 recent archives for quick access
* Improved address bar dropdown menu bar
* Improved application toolbar
- Added secure delete and properties buttons to archive manager toolbar, improved additional functions drop down menu
- New file manager toolbar containing buttons of most common file management features
- "+" icon on the right of the toolbar area toggles archive manager and file manager toolbars, consistently with navigation and status bar
* Improved handling of Pea file format and of utilities provided through Pea backend
- PEA/UNPEA operations now takes password/keyfile from PeaZip consistently with other formats
- Pea format volume check algorithm is now set in context sensitive way with PeaZip GUI, if password is set AES EAX256 encryption is used, else SHA hash is used
- Pea executable auto closes if no error is encountered, improving its use for chained operations: PEA/UNPEA, file split/join, secure delete
* Improved saving resource usage when displaying several thousands of items, update intervals are better scaled
* Updated themes
* Fixed: dynamically loading SHMultiFileProperties to allow running the application on Windows 2000 and previous systems
* Various minor fixes and improvements
- Added switches -add2archive-add add to existing archive (if found) and -add2archive-update as previous switch, but updates only if files in archive are older
- Improved browsing UNC paths
- Improved displaying file types and icons inside some types of archive
- Reorganized System tools submenu
# 157 extensions supported: added support for IMA, IMG and IMZ disk images, and AIR Adobe installer files