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PeaZip 4.8.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* Image manager, handles BMP, JPEG, PNG and TIFF images
- rotate, flip, mirror
- crop
- transform: resize/fit to, and convert in a single passage
* Functions side bar: quick acess to alphabetically sorted most commonly used functions of the program
* Presets in Organize menu collects most common browser's settings, featured also in Organize group in context menu and in status bar
- Browser's presets can be toggled with Alt+6, Sorting is now toggled with Alt+5
* Updated themes and PeaLauncher icon
* Various minor fixes and enhancements
* Improved mail integration
- Send by mail option featured in main archive creation/conversion tab
- Send by mail by default now does not keep a copy of the sent archive on the filesystem
> Added Keep archive switch to optionally save on the filesystem archives sent by mail
> Added -add2multi7zmail and -add2multizipmail switches (for context menu entries) to copress and mail
> Added "Zip and mail" context menu entry, enabled by default, in context menu install screen
* Added WIM to quick format selection menus
* Fixed Convert quick format selection popup menu when browsing archives, only formats suitable for conversion procedure are presented
* Fixed opening with custom application inside ARC format
* PeaLauncher minimized status is inherited by following instances, in order to not steal focus when multiple instances are operating in background
* Previewing archived files with PeaZip sets the temporary copy read only, so the user is presented "save as" dialog if files are changed
* New installation option "No system integration", avoids menu entries and file associations
* Default, Custom and No system integration options are now available in the Options > System integration wizard