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PeaZip 4.9.0

By Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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- Compiled with Lazarus 1.0.6

- New theming engine with 16, 32, 48 and 96px icons.
- New style options for decoration of image thumbnails, Options > Browser > Style
- New Image manager context menu replicating main Image manager tool bar functions
- New keyboard shortcuts
- Backspace or Alt+left: go back
- Alt+right: go forward
- Alt+up: go up one level
- Esc: exit compression and extraction interfaces
- F4: go to root
- Ctrl+F4: go to desktop
- Shift+F4: go to home
- Various fixes and improvements
- Drag and drop information box shows destination path
- Improved browser presets
- Sort by name is always the secondary sorting criteria
- When "Extract to new folder" option is checked it is displayed with a plus sign in "Extract" and "Extract all to" icons

- Context menu "Add to (format)" directly starts compression without requiring further user interaction
- Context menu "Add to .ZIP" "Zip and mail" and "Add to .7Z" uses default compression settings