Download phpMyAdmin 4.6.0

phpMyAdmin 4.6.0

By phpMyAdmin devel team  (Freeware)
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* Allow setting routine-wise privileges.
* UI for defining partitioning in create table window.
* Support JSON data type.
* Editing partitions in table structure.
* Copy results to clipboard.
* Reactivate cut&paste possibility in print view.
* Display binary strings as text if they are valid UTF-8.
* Copy multiple tables to database.
* Show MySQL error messages in user language.
* Add new configuration directive 'ssl_verify' for self-signed certificates with mysqlnd and PHP >=5.6.
* Remove ForceSSL and PmaAbsoluteUri configuration directives (these are better handled by proper webserver configuration).
* Fixed several bugs relating to exporting, particularly with DEFAULT and COMMENT fields.

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