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PostgreSQL 9.4.1

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# Changes
* Fix buffer overruns in to_char()
* Fix buffer overruns in contrib/pgcrypto
* Fix possible loss of frontend/backend protocol synchronization after an error
* Fix information leak via constraint-violation error messages
* Lock down regression testing's temporary installations on Windows
* Cope with the Windows locale named "Norwegian (Bokmål)"
* Fix use-of-already-freed-memory problem in EvalPlanQual processing
* Avoid possible deadlock while trying to acquire tuple locks in EvalPlanQual processing
* Fix failure to wait when a transaction tries to acquire a FOR NO KEY EXCLUSIVE tuple lock, while multiple other transactions currently hold FOR SHARE locks
* Improve performance of EXPLAIN with large range tables
* Fix jsonb Unicode escape processing, and in consequence disallow \u0000
* Fix namespace handling in xpath()
* Fix assorted oversights in range-operator selectivity estimation
* Revert unintended reduction in maximum size of a GIN index item
* Fix query-duration memory leak during repeated GIN index rescans
* Fix possible crash when using nonzero gin_fuzzy_search_limit
* Assorted fixes for logical decoding
* Fix incorrect replay of WAL parameter change records that report changes in the wal_log_hints setting
* Change "pgstat wait timeout" warning message to be LOG level, and rephrase it to be more understandable
* Warn if OS X's setlocale() starts an unwanted extra thread inside the postmaster
* Fix libpq's behavior when /etc/passwd isn't readable
* Improve consistency of parsing of psql's special variables
* Fix pg_dump to handle comments on event triggers without failing
* Allow parallel pg_dump to use --serializable-deferrable
* Prevent WAL files created by pg_basebackup -x/-X from being archived again when the standby is promoted
* Handle unexpected query results, especially NULLs, safely in contrib/tablefunc's connectby()
* Numerous cleanups of warnings from Coverity static code analyzer
* Allow CFLAGS from configure's environment to override automatically-supplied CFLAGS
* Make pg_regress remove any temporary installation it created upon successful exit
* Add CST (China Standard Time) to our lists of timezone abbreviations
* Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2015a for DST law changes in Chile and Mexico, plus historical changes in Iceland.