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Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 140

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By Rainy  (Freeware)

* Changes:
- The turquoise color mapping did not work for the Google calendar.
- Added time zone support for the Google Calendar (v3).
- The digiclock was not updating the window.
- Some settings were not stored permanently.
- Added hide past and dismissed events to the context menu and settings dialog.
- Url and alarm acknowledge were not written to Google's events correctly.
- Week number was not shown correctly if the time format contained other text than '%W'.
- Backups should work better now when they are transferred between computers.
- No sound option for alarms is written to the templates.
- Added button to options to reset the offline copy for calendars which support it.
- "Dismiss all" dismissed only the first item in the alarm.
- Completing a recurring task now always moves it to the next instance. "Complete to now" moves it to the next instance from now (like it did before).
- Editing a Google Calendar event would remove its time zone.
- "Show in all desktops"-setting is now window specific in the configuration file.
- Setting visible="0" for a category appearance did not hide it
- Changed "today" to "todaywindow" to prevent name clash.
- Added setting under task list primary sort order to show the empty items at top.