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Rainlendar 2.12 Beta 131

By Rainy  (Freeware)
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# Changes:
- Added "Event min height" setting for the day and weekviews.
- Chromophore skin has a large calendar window.
- Added colorless and dark versions for the Chromophore skin.
- The message store setting in the new calendar wizard did not get set properly.
- The times were saved incorrectly if the local time was set to British time zone.
- the "uppercase" attribute for the font can convert the text now also to lowercase or capitalize it.
- Lua scripts can be put to the Scripts folder under the config folder too.
- Skin addons can be applied to different skin version (although this might break the skin).
- The time item which shows only the week number is mapped to the first day of the week so that it is the same number as in the calendar.
- The z-position can be set separately for each window in the skin.
- Added advanced option to bring all windows on top when any of them is clicked.
- The hidden Google calendars are also hidden in Rainlendar.
- Tasks were shown on two days in the calendar window.
- The tray icon can now show also the week number (See "Number in tray" advanced setting). Note that this only works if the tray icon image has enough frames.