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Rainlendar 2.12 Beta 132

By Rainy  (Freeware)
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# Changes:
* Disabled RTL layout on controls which do not support it properly.
* The task and event lists can show a text when they are empty.
* Added today window which is shown on startup and when the day changes.
* Google Tasks uses now OAuth for added security (i.e. Rainlendar does not store your Google password anymore).
* New Google calendar plugin which uses the v3 API.
* Added color to category mapping functionality to the new Google calendar plugin.
* The sort button was not updated when switching between tasks and events in the manager.
* Added "useFTPS" setting for SSL FTP connections in Network Shared Calendar. No UI so the settings file needs to be edited manually. 1 = Try using SSL, proceed anyway otherwise. 2 = SSL for the control connection or fail. 3 = SSL for all communication or fail.
* Deleting events from read-only calendar failed silently.
* Deleting multiple items from Outlook only deleted the first one.