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Rainlendar 2.12 Beta 133

By Rainy  (Freeware)
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# Changes:
* Google calendar's color mapping showed the categories always in English
* The manager shows and filters the snooze and dismiss times for the alarms.
* The alarm snooze/dismiss time can be reset by clicking the alarm icon in the manager.
* Google calendars with '#' in the url were not read correctly from the server.
* Logging unicode characters sometimes caused a failure.
* Changed the CalDAV to send proper etag to the server when editing the events.
* Changing task status to in progress from the dialog did not work.
* The task completed time can be reset by clicking the status icon in the manager.
* Dragging items in schedule view set incorrect time if the area height was set to non-even number.
* Tasks without status property but with completed date are shown as complete status.
* The upcoming, cancelled and completed tasks are hidden by default in the today window.
* The time for the tasks is now optional.