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Sandboxie 3.38

By Sandboxie  (Freeware)
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* Spanish translation contributed by Marton Larrosa.

New Features:

* Software Compatibility tool (in Configure menu) detects software on the computer and applies necessary configuration.
* New "X" icon is displayed while deleting the contents of a sandbox.
* Improved support for Windows 7 (Release Candidate build 7100 only).


* Freeze/lock-up in web browsers due to a problem in Immediate Recovery.
* Color border option (in Sandbox Settings > Appearance) appears on secondary monitors in a multiple-monitor setup.
* Minor problem on Windows Vista when deleting files in a Windows Explorer running under Sandboxie.
* Support for keyboard navigation in Sandboxie Start Menu.
* Resolved problem with Microsoft Office products freezing/locking-up when opening documents in a Forced Folder.
* Some performance improvements due to optimized registry access.
* Error SBIE2313 Could not execute SandboxieRpcSs.exe (267) caused by blocking access to some folders through Sandbox Settings > Resource Access > File Access > Blocked Access.

Third-party software:

* Improved compatibility with Online Armor.
* Improved compatibility with ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Version 8.