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SeaMonkey 2.29

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By Mozilla Organization  (Freeware)

- URLs that are too long to be shown completely appear in a tooltip now when hovering the location bar.
- Coloring of the location bar for HTTPS URLs can be disabled through Preferences now.
- Certain search engines can be discovered automatically now.
- The status bar padlock icon features a context menu now.
- You can now insert formulas in Composer using a dialog (LaTeX to MathML).
- Feed items can be tagged automatically according to feed category tags now.
- Searching within a message compose window will now display the find toolbar.
- The account name is now shown in the status bar when downloading messages from POP servers.
- Localizability of custom reply headers has been improved (mailnews.reply_header_* preferences).
- Contact autocompletion in message composition windows now searches for all terms separately (AND search).
- You can now search for contacts containing parentheses.