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By Shareaza Development Team  (Open Source)
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# It includes the following changes:
* Better support of 64-bit Windows.
* Updated third-party libraries.
* Bug-fixing.
# Major SVN changes
* Restored Windows XP compatibility fix lost during last update.
* Banned offline cache
* Updated GeoIP database (03 Dec 2014).
* Added Release build scripts.
* Fixed rare crash when user rapidly presses Browse button in Browse Host Window.
* Updated UnRAR version to
* Updated MiniUPnPc library to 1.9.20141117.
* Updated SQLite version to
* Updated GeoIP database (05 Nov 2014).
* Fixed memory overrun.
* Added support for 64-bit Program Files for detection of Shareaza folder, shareable folders testing etc.
* Fixed warnings, minor optimization.
* Changed file externals to SVN externals.
* Fixed potential crash inside BitTorrent available chunks code.