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- Improved startup performance to make Snagit launch faster
- Added new Step Tool which allows you to quickly and intuitively document a series of steps in a process
- Added new Blur Tool which takes our current capability of maintaining privacy in your captures and allows you to do so in the same way you add other annotations.
> Provided “Smooth” and “Pixelate” styles
> Blur objects now cover vector objects as well as your canvas
- Combined the Callout and Text tool to simplify adding text-related annotations to your capture
- Created a new conditional tab for Callout and Text objects to allow much easier font customization
- Updated default tool gallery styles to be more consistent and to make your content more modern and appealing with minimal customization
- Simplified the Snagit Editor tabbed interface to have Tools, Image, Share and Library tabs
- Introduced a “Library” tab in the Snagit Editor to allow for quick and easy access to your capture history
> Consolidated a number library-related capabilities to make organization and searching much easier
> Reducing the number of ways to access the Library to reduce confusion
- Made it easier to choose your desired folder when sharing to Google Drive
- Replaced the default old, large PNG stamps with new, vector PDF stamps which can be re-sized without loss of quality
- Reduced the number of steps to connect TechSmith Fuse to Snagit
- Fixed a number of bugs which will allow TechSmith Fuse to connect with a higher success rate
- Fixed a number of bugs with the floating Mini Toolbar to make it more obvious as to when the toolbar will display
- Creating a more intuitive way to discover additional styles in your tools gallery
- Relocated View tab functionality to live closer to the zoom slider
- Reduced the number of items in the File menu to limit the clutter you see when trying to do common operations such as Save or Open
- Various bug fixes