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By 2BrightSparks  (Freeware)
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- Fixed (Pro): Leading space in filenames was being lost when using alternate SFTP component.
- Fixed (Pro): Sometimes profiles failed if doing a backup of email and run in parallel.
- Fixed (Pro): Not using correct MIME type when uploading file to Google Drive and using versioning.
- Fixed (Pro): Google Drive keeps original filename extension which caused problems when using versioning.
- Fixed (Pro): If a file upload to cloud is aborted, and is replacing a file, may not detect .changes on next run if sizes are identical.
- Fixed (SE/Pro): Using single zip compression with Touch.
- Fixed (SE/Pro): Do not allow single zip compression to be used with MTP.
- Fixed (SE/Pro): Parallel hashing may fail if both files are on drives and compression not used.
- Updated: The mirror profile type images changed to make them different from backup image.
- Updated: Technical Support wizard zip file now also includes debug output for new profiles.
- Updated (Pro): Less memory used with Google Drive, OneDrive for Business, SugarSync and Amazon Cloud Drive.