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By 2BrightSparks  (Freeware)
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- New: Run a profile without allowing changes (useful for Fast Backup profiles that use Versioning)
- New: New "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" option in Vista and newer task scheduler
- New: Restore wizard now also checks when a profile was last run successfully
- New: Option to copy short filenames
- New: Encryption on SMTP now supported as per SE and Pro
- Updated: SyncBack now opens and reads the local files when sending via FTP instead of component
- Updated: The file system properties list in the log file expanded to include more file system attributes
- Updated: ReFS support
- Fixed: Problem with Technical Support Wizard if profile name is sorted before *Program* entry
- Fixed: Tray icon will reappear if Windows shell (explorer) is restarted
- Fixed: Does not prompt twice in succession to remove blank password restriction
- Fixed: For FTP if automatically switching to active mode from passive mode then active settings were not being used
- Fixed: Looping forever in some file operations when file system lies, e.g. about having removed read only attribute
- Fixed: FTP looping forever reconnecting when a non-data transfer command is sent
- Fixed: Eject and Load of media was wrong for restore
- Fixed: The details for a file or folder that is a symbolic link will be from the destination and not the symbolic link itself
- Fixed: When creating FTP backup profile in wizard, and FTP settings tested, then an invalid Fast Backup profile is created