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The Gimp 2.8.10

By The GIMP Team  (Open Source)
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* Core:
- Set manifest as Windows 8 compatible
* GUI:
- Indicate if a file was exported in the Quit dialog
- Add shortcuts and hint labels to the close and quit dialogs that make closing and quitting easier and more consistent
- Rename the File->Export menu labels to match Save/Save as
- Fix keyboard shortcuts on OSX Mavericks
- Don't open lots of progress popups when opening many files
- Correctly restore the hidden state of docks in single window mode
* Libgimp:
- Fix exporting an image consisting of a single layer group
- Don't attempt to pick transparent colors
* Plug-ins:
- Fix crash in LCMS plugin if RGB profile was missing
* General:
- Fix compile on NetBSD (missing -lexecinfo)
- Bug fixes
- Translation updates