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TortoiseSVN 1.7.12

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- BUG: Infotip is shown even if path is fully visible.
- BUG: Invalid quotation in %burl and %yurl diff tool arguments.
- BUG: Windows path check fails if the path/url is escaped.
- BUG: Crash in TortoiseIDiff and TortoiseUDiff on Windows8.
- BUG: offline log mode does not activate.
- BUG: Setting a property recursively in the repo browser segfaults.
- BUG: revision links not created in commit comments when started from the repo browser.
- BUG: Selection is wrong after sorting the file column in the log dialog.
- BUG: TortoiseBlame does not detect utf8/ansi encodings correctly.
- BUG: Error opening a new file in Check for modifications.
- BUG: Warning not shown about non-recursive commits.