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TortoiseSVN 1.8.1

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- BUG: wrong parameter when showing diff.
- BUG: user hook scripts not loaded and saved correctly.
- BUG: merge error "Invalid 'conflict_result' argument".
- BUG: Crash when providing a client certificate file.
- BUG: Assert when creating a unified diff.
- BUG: Crash when parsing urls from the command line.
- BUG: Crash when closing progress dialog early.
- BUG: Sort state is lost when refreshing the status list control.
- BUG: Ribbon system menu not working.
- BUG: renaming in repo browser shows empty cell.
- BUG: include svnmucc in the installer.
- BUG: "restore after commit" must restore on cancel as well.
- BUG: Repo browser stops showing items in the list view.
- BUG: Subclassing static control can fail.
- BUG: repo browser shows context menu for SVNParentPath item.
- BUG: Crash in log dialog editing message.
- BUG: Log message editor always use antialiased fonts.
- BUG: SubWCRev aborts if date template is wrong.
- BUG: Vendorbranch feature needs safeguards.
- BUG: Annoying dialog when closing TortoiseMerge.
- BUG: VersionCheck = false not working like it should.
- BUG: Property diff shown in reverse.
- BUG: wrong tab order in cleanup dialog.
- BUG: old-style reintegrate merge: disable record-only option.
- BUG: Crash in TMerge when copying text.
- CHG: Remove reintegrate merge page from merge wizard.
- BUG: statistics button stays disabled when filter is cleared.
- BUG: TortoiseMerge fails to detect utf-16 without BOM.
- NEW: Show inherited properties.