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Total Commander 7.57

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By Christian Ghisler  (Shareware)
Latest Version
Total Commander 8.51a

- Fixed: Backported translation changes from TC 8 beta
- Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too
- Fixed: Changed product version of installer and main program to 7.60 (instead of 7.57, used for file version) to avoid Windows 8 compatibility warning
- Fixed: Checked all code changes since TC 7.56a for potential problems (using compare by content)
- Fixed: Removed code trying to show directories in F3 (was only partially backported to TC 7.57 and didn't work properly)
- Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside)