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True Image 2015

By Acronis  (Commercial Trial)
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*What's new
-Online backup of Entire PC was improved: it is now possible to exclude files that are already protected by other applications.
-The Account and License tabs were merged to create a better user experience. All information about serial number and cloud subscription is in one place.
-Operations with backup, like edit or removal, can now be performed by right-clicking in the backup list.
-Backup status notifications now appear with a new design and are available by clicking on the status icon.
-Online backup has a new option: users can select the data center where the backup will be stored.

*List of fixed issues
-The Port and Encryption fields are missing in email notification settings.
-Japanese characters are displayed incorrectly under bootable media based on WinPE 5.0.
-The Clone feature is not available after purchase of the full version. A restart of Acronis True Image is required.
-Acronis True Image window has incorrect size on a 27" monitor with 2560x1440 resolution.
-On the Backup tab, the red badge doesn't disappear after the failed backup is deleted.
-An incorrect error message appears when trying to recover files from a disconnected drive.
-In WinPE media builder, the link to Windows 8.1 ADK leads to Windows 8.0 ADK.

*List of known issues
-It is not possible to create a bootable media in Acronis True Image with an Acronis Disk Director component in it.
-If, during backup to a USB drive, you remove the destination, the incomplete backup version will not be removed.
-It is not possible to delete a long path in the Backup Exclusion window.
-In the Notification area, the Acronis icon does not display the name of the backup, from which the recovery is being performed.
-After an online backup is paused, the Delete button is not available for this backup for 3-5 seconds.