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uTorrent 3.1 RC5

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By uTorrent  (Freeware)

- Fix: Allow setting external player from Preferences dialog
- Change: Disable resume_dir functionality by default (Enable with "resume.enable_resume_dir")
- Fix: Be more picky when detecting inbound SSL connections
- Fix: Smart hash only on a piece boundary (fixes hashfails)
- Fix: fix issue where installer would show up on every launch
- Fix: Don't ask user for ut Remote security question over and over (and over)
- Fix: several crashes related to adding phones
- Fix: disk IO shutdown hang
- Fix: fixed torrent filtering issue when skipping files
- Fix: use WideCharToMultiByte to determine the length of a narrowed string
- Fix: show devices when selecting to add a device in context menu, if hidden
- Fix: fix language pack loading issue
- Fix: fix torrent filtering issue for completed torrents
- Fix: save and restore add torrent window size
- Feature: add advanced option to perform silent autoupdates (silent_auto_updates)