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VirtualBox 5.0.0 RC3

By Oracle  (Open Source)
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* VMM: fixed a problem with large pages in Hyper-V
* VMM: when using the KVM PV provider, use the same frequency for all VCPUs. This will fix slow boots on certain hosts.
* VMM: fixed a hang under certain conditions for SMP guests (32-bit hosts only)
* VMM: several fixes
* AHCI: fixed a crash during shutdown under rare conditions
* AHCI: fixed crash as a result of I/O errors in certain conditions
* Audio: fixed a VM hang with the ALSA backend with certain ALSA configurations
* VGA: fixed loading of saved state if 2D Video Acceleration is enabled
* GUI: apply user interface settings from corresponding page only after pressing OK, not instantly on-the-fly
* GUI: remember size-hints and enabled/disabled states for secondary guest-screens in multi-screen setups on VM restart
* Drag and drop: various fixes for KDE-based guests
* Drag and drop: added transferring plain text to Windows guests
* Drag and drop: fixed transferring large files from host to Linux/Unix guests
* Guest Control: several fixes
* Mac OS X hosts: El Capitan fixes
* Additions/Linux: added -s parameter to mount.vboxsf to be sloppy with invalid parameters