Download VirtualDJ 8.1 build 2582

VirtualDJ 8.1 build 2582

By Atomix Productions  (Freeware)
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- Fix slicer length not restored on restart.
- Fix systray icon not removed on exit on windows 10.
- Add 'Content Unlimited' text above content unlimited search results.
- Fix issue with random video transition getting stuck on Droplets transition.
- Add 'Restore' option for internal plugins moved to Ignore folder.
- browser_sort action updates second order sort (same as clicking column headers).
- fix invert_deck for deck 4.
- fix bug when adding a recursive folder with filter folder inside to sideview.
- fixed deep recursion bug.
- browser_scroll can be used with percentage (browser_scroll 50%).
- fix possible lockup on internet downloads.
- sampler_group_volume ghost slider fix.
- Genres can also be delimited by / now, not only ;
- Fix for HID encoders when overflowing.
- Midi bar output accepts boolean as well (for on/off support).
- New VDJScript verb 'is_audioonlyvisualisation' which will return true if the deck currently has the audioOnlyVisualisation active.
- Slideshow can play video samples.
- Sample dropped in list view starts at first row instead of second.
- Serato root folder can be re-ordered.