Download Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3323

Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3323

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By Nullsoft  (Freeware)

* Improved: [ml_playlists] Now with Generate HTML Playlist support (via Misc button, same as in Pledit)
(also tweaked the html & css to look more consistent across different browsers)
* Fixed: [in_vorbis] Not reading Disc# (plus other general Vorbis Comments fixes)
* Fixed: [pmp_android] Albumart-related crash when transferring ogg files
* Fixed: Deletion of 0-byte wdl*.tmp & wht*.tmp files
- Fixed broken SHOUTcast TV stream urls (serverside & clientside fixes)
- Keep 'Safe Mode' confirmation dialog on top
- Fixed issue with message/text when uninstalling ml_pmp & ml_rg
- [ml_playlists] Disable buttons in Playlists root view if there's no selection
- [ml_playlists] Fixed drag updates not triggering a save of the current playlist
- [ml_playlists] Fixed not resetting the changed flag on loading a playlist view
- [gen_ml] Fixed root node being selected if library window wasn't open on starting
- [ml_impex] Fixed unsubclassing the wrong window
- [ml_local/ml_pmp] Fixed column resize & first column tooltip issues
- [in_mp3] Display utf8 stream titles in the stream info dialog, if possible
- [in_mp3] Fixed custom popm email field not being written to tags correctly
- [in vorbis] Fixed locking of current/last read ogg file
- [pmp_cloud] Show an unavailable message if a pull hasn't happened when clicking the cloud icon
- Added an "Exclusions" tab in Prefs > Cloud Sources to show incompatible files/formats
(can now also remove items via select > delete / also supports multi-select)
- Cloud now supports wma/wmv/asf (audio/x-ms-wma, video/x-ms-wmv & video/x-ms-asf)
Though note that playback might not necessarily be working yet.... (w.i.p.)
- Note: the above two changes required a local cloud db nuke bump & rescan
(Please wait for "first pull" to complete before using Cloud features)
- Prefs > Cloud Sources > Logging tab: Fixed scrolling to last item
(click on line to stop auto-scroll, spacebar to resume)
- Optimized cloud device view loading times (should be considerably faster)
- Fixed cloud source tooltip showing on the transfer view
- Added a "cloud account unauthorized" message for status window
- Restart client if it enters an auth failed error state
- Fixed issues with loading Local Media views whilst a large cloud mediahash calculation is running
- Fixed: [ml_pmp] Column widths not being re-read correctly
- Installer now disables 3rd-party gen_lyrics_ie.dll (appears in quite a few crash reports)
- Potential memory leak fixes
- Various crash/bug fixes from gen_crasher error reports & forum/feedback reports etc.
- Various other misc tweaks & fixes