Download WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 (64-bit)

WinRAR 5.30 Beta 4 (64-bit)

By RARLab  (Shareware)
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- It is allowed to specify environment variables in path to external viewer in WinRAR "Settings/Viewer" dialog.
- Folder wildcards behavior is changed, so command like: rar a backup c:\backup\2015*\* will search for '2015*' folders only in c:\backup. Add -r switch if you wish to search also in all c:\backup subfolders.
- If wrong password is specified when extracting an encrypted file in RAR5 archive, WinRAR will not create folders contained in file path. Previous versions created file path folders even if file extraction failed because of wrong password.
# Bugs fixed:
- "Delete files after archiving" option of default compression profile was ignored in drag&drop operations in previous beta.