Download WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 (64-bit)

WinRAR 5.20 Beta 2 (64-bit)

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By RARLab  (Shareware)

- "Create WinRAR.ini file" command in "Export/Import" submenu of "Options" menu creates a new WinRAR.ini file and copies WinRAR settings from Registry to this file.
- Beta 1 documentation described "Global" keys in WinRAR.ini as Global/AppData, Global/Integration, Global/SaveSettings, when actually they are Global\AppData, Global\Integration, Global\SaveSettings (backslash instead of forward slash).
- Now WinRAR creates these keys in WinRAR.ini automatically if they do not already exist.
- Compression settings in "Convert archives" dialog were not saved after pressing "Save" button.
- First beta proposed "name.ext.ext.rar" instead of expected "name.ext.rar" archive name, when archiving "name.ext" folder.