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WinSCP 5.7.0

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By WinSCP  (Open Source)

* Requesting FTP directory listing fields using OPTS MLST, if the server does not provide all needed fields by default.
* Support for MD5 FTP command.
* Executable winscp.exe is included in .NET assembly package.
* Logging level and password logging can be set on command-line using /loglevel switch.
* Logging parsed command-line and script command parameters on Debug 1 level.
* Size of connection receiving buffer increased.
* TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1l.
* Reducing amount of detailed information shown on Authentication Progress window for FTP sessions.
* Adjusting message box size for icons scaled on Windows 8.1 and newer.
* Not using drag images.
* Logging processes and performance counters in .NET assembly debug log, only when Session.DebugLogLevel is 1.
* Not logging value of -passphrase switch of open command.
* Bug fix: After several unsuccessful reconnects a resumed FTP file download starts from an initial remote folder, instead of correct source folder.
* Bug fix: When sorting local files modified at the same time by modification time, sort direction is not considered when falling back to sorting by filename.
* Bug fix: Command could be invoked in the middle of creating directory or navigating. 1272
* Bug fix: It was possible to drop on a file with drop handler in local panel with enabled drag&drop shell extension, although it cannot work with drop handlers.
* Bug fix: Failure when dropping on a file with drop handler in local panel with disabled drag&drop shell extension.
* Bug fix: Failure when running in a restricted environment.
* Bug fix: Confirmation button on Read to Install and Finished installing installer screens was incorrectly labeled Next.
* Bug fix: Order of sessions in workspace with more than 10 sessions is not preserved.