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WinSCP 5.1.4

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- SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
- Not requiring the .NET assembly to exist in file.
- Not considering 3xx error code an error for post-login FTP commands.
- Workaround for servers that do not acknowledge file transfer.
- Bug fix: Failure after system-wide change.
- Bug fix: Issuer and Subject were swapped on Certificate verification prompt.
- Bug fix: Traversed subfolders are incorrectly included in find results.
- Bug fix: Wrong color indicator on session tab when session was not switched by clicking on the tab.
- Bug fix: Failure when auto remote directory refresh was triggered during operation initiated by drag&drop.
- Bug fix: Wrong timezone offset was applied with FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: It was not possible to preserve timezone offset of 24 hours and greater in stored session.
- Bug fix: Wrong timestamp conversion with FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: Error in .NET assembly when temporary path contains exclamation mark.
- Bug fix: Indefinite chain of errors when XML logging fails.