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WinSCP 5.1.5

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- New !P pattern to include process ID into session log path.
- Logging file timestamps when transferring using SFTP protocol.
- Workaround for servers that do not acknowledge file transfer.
- Logging parsed directory listing on Normal logging level (previously on Debug 1 level).
- Bug fix: Failure when disposing Session of .NET assembly in process running with restricted privileges.
- Bug fix: open command record in logs with masked-out password did not contain the command name.
- Bug fix: Pointless attempt to update source file timestamp, when uploading with FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: Preserve timestamp checkbox was not available for uploads with FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: Failure when server does not acknowledge file upload with FTP protocol.
- Bug fix: Failure when creating local directory.
- Bug fix: When user cancels connection, authentication window is not closed.
- Bug fix: Build script was not working on 64-bit.
- Bug fix: Build script was calling non-existing target clean.
- Bug fix: Taskbar button does not flash, when message pops up, while WinSCP is on background.
- Bug fix: Custom command pattern !/ had incorrect value when executed on existing secondary shell session just after directory change.
- Bug fix: Failure when reconnecting session with automatic remote panel refresh enabled.
- Bug fix: Failure when canceling FTP password prompt.
- Bug fix: When Change stored password to this one option is checked on password prompt, password is not updated for current session.
- Bug fix: Mouse range selection does not start from focused file after directory reload.
- Bug fix: IP address range 172.16-172.31 was not detected as unroutable for FTP passive mode.
- Bug fix: Remote panel state is lost after closing Console window.
- Bug fix: Failure when reading file into internal editor.