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WinSCP 5.1.6

By WinSCP  (Open Source)
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- Help border button is available on message boxes.
- Suppressing critical error popups when creating jumplist.
- Saving configuration, including master password, immediately after setting/clearing one.
- Bug fix: Fragments in Help links were not working.
- Bug fix: Failure when pressing Shift key in console prompt with
- Bug fix: Cannot open context menu on another list or tree entry or different view location, while another context menu of the same view is already opened.
- Bug fix: SSH vulnerability.
- Bug fix: Timeout prompt sometime never dismisses, even when host finally replies, with SFTP/SCP protocol.
- Bug fix: Redundant reading of directory contents before file download when MLSD is in use.
- Bug fix: Failure when starting with default session settings having a password set protected with master password.