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Wireshark 1.12.3 (64-bit)

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# The following vulnerabilities have been fixed.
* The WCCP dissector could crash.
* The LPP dissector could crash.
* The DEC DNA Routing Protocol dissector could crash.
* The SMTP dissector could crash.
* Wireshark could crash while decypting TLS/SSL sessions. Discovered by Noam Rathaus.
# The following bugs have been fixed:
* WebSocket dissector: empty payload causes DISSECTOR_ASSERT_NOT_REACHED.
* Wireshark crashes if Lua heuristic dissector returns true.
* Display MEP ID in decimal in OAM Y.1731 Synthetic Loss Message and Reply PDU.
* TCP Window Size incorrectly reported in Packet List.
* Status bar "creeps" to the left a few pixels every time Wireshark is opened.
* E-LMI Message type.
* SMTP decoder can dump binary data to terminal in TShark.
* PTPoE dissector gets confused by packets that include an FCS.
* IPv6 Vendor Specific Mobility Option includes the next mobility option type.
* Save PCAP to PCAPng with commentary fails.
* Display filter "frame contains bytes [2342]" causes a crash.
* Multipath TCP: checksum displayed when it’s not there.
* LTE APN-AMBR is decoded incorrectly.
* DNS NAPTR RR Replacement Length is incorrect.
* IPv6 Experimental mobility header data is interpreted as options.
* Dissector bug, protocol SPDY: tvbuff.c:610: failed assertion "tvb && tvb→initialized".
* BGP: Incorrect decoding AS numbers when mixed AS size.
* BGP update community - incorrect decoding.
* Setting a 6LoWPAN context generates a Wireshark crash.
* FC is not dissected (protocol UNKNOWN).
* Crash when displaying several times INFO column.
* Decoding of longitude value in LCSAP (3GPP TS 29.171) is incorrect.
* Crash when enabling FCoIB manual settings without filling address field.
* RSVP RECORD_ROUTE IPv4 Subobject Flags field incorrect decoding.
* Wireshark Lua engine can’t access protocol field type.
* Field Analysis of OpenFlow v1.4 OFPT_SET_ASYNC.
* Lua: getting fieldinfo.value for FT_NONE causes assert.
# Updated Protocol Support
* 6LoWPAN, ADwin, AllJoyn, Art-Net, Asterix, BGP, Bitcoin, Bluetooth OBEX, Bluetooth SDP, CFM, CIP, DCERPC PN-IO, DCERPC SPOOLSS, DEC DNA, DECT, DHCPv6, DNS, DTN, E-LMI, ENIP, Ethernet, Extreme, FCoIB, Fibre Channel, GED125, GTP, H.248, H.264, HiSLIP, IDRP, IEEE 802.11, IEEE P1722.1, Infiniband, IrDA, iSCSI, ISUP, LBMR, LCSAP, LPP, MAC LTE, MAUSB, MBIM, MIM, MIP, MIPv6, MP2T, MPEG-1, NAS EPS, NAT-PMP, NCP, NXP PN532, OpcUa, OpenFlow, PTP, RDM, RPKI-RTR, RSVP, RTnet, RTSP, SCTP, SMPP, SMTP, SPDY, Spice, TCP, WCCP, Wi-Fi P2P, and WiMAX
# New and Updated Capture File Support
* K12