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XnView v1.99.5

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# Added:
* autodeskew in batch convert
* Arrow on header in detail view
* GPS service can be configured in [Start]/GpsMap
* Fit to image width, large only
* NConvert: -exif_orient to change exif orientation field
* Nconvert: buildexifthumb is lossless (jpeg) if no other operation
# Changed:
* JPEG-LS use CharLS library now
# Fixed:
* GPS in filename
* Thumbnail sharpen (32bits)
* HD photo
* FormatSaveAll
* Screenshot problem
* Canvas resize on 32bits picture
* Sort by ratio
* Raw saving
* Colour balance & 8bits picture
* Ctrl+Tab & Ctrl+Shift+Tab to change current tab
* Resize precision
* Current IPTC Tab saved
* Embedded comment not editable for mpo
* Info text in fullscreen not always erased
* Thumbnail problem when x/y dpi are different
* Batch process typo
* APNG &bit
* EXIF date with /
* XCF all layers can be loaded
* High quality zoom & Enlarge in fullscreen view
* Problem to load link on a video file
* Detail view, click on icon => tag file
* Generate listing & CR
* ImageShack addon & XnShellEx
* Bad quality in contact sheet
* XnShellEx: 0 can be used in resize to set only one side
* NConvert: tag 118 is not correctly saved
* NConvert: iptc_set modify original file

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XnView v2.22

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