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XnView v1.97.1

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# Added:
* Mouse Side Buttons support for prev/next file
* Leica RAW format
* NConvert: -overwrite (overwriting is disabled by default!)
* NConvert support 16bits per component loading (-org_depth)

# Changed:
* MP4 removed from video extension - too many problems
* Libpng 1.2.42
* Black&White conversion
* '..' no more counted as object

# Fixed:
* TIFF crash
* PNG crash
* TIFF Lossless iptc
* [Secunia] XnView DICOM Parsing Integer Overflow
* IPTC problem with one file
* Can't open 'batch convert' if only '..' is selected
* PCL & resolution
* EXIF not correclty decoded
* 32bits=>24bits in batch convert
* IPTC searching
* Sort by description & folder
* Order of 'Print all tabs'
* 'Sort by type'
* 'Move to' not greayed
* Reset of zoom/position in Export
* Crop button & fullscreen
* Body in Email is truncated
* ToolbarBackColor and custom toolbar icon
* 'Delete' button in toolbar
* Tab label not changed after rename
* Xnview persistent if slide file doesn't exist
* 'Sort by type'
* Bad quality for cached JPEG file
* Bug menu toolbar, some labels are missing
* Drag&Drop from another software
* Transpârency for paintshoppro format

Latest Version
XnView v2.22

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