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Zoom Player 5.0

By Inmatrix  (Shareware)
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- New Setting (Advanced Options / Interface / OSD / Fullscreen Navigation), allowing you show hidden files (default off).
- New Setting (Advanced Options / Control Bar) allowing the Control Bar to hide automatically if the mouse cursor is moved a certain distance away from the control bar (50 pixels).
- New Mouse Left-Click setting to only move the user interface window (without the ability to move the video while in fullscreen).
- New "/MEDIACAT:category name" command line parameter allowing you to open the media library navigator within the category selection screen when Zoom Player starts.Using "/MEDIACAT" alone will open the category list in the previously saved position, while specifying a category name would highlight a specific category, for example "/MEDIACAT:Music" would highlight the Music category.
- New CommAPI message (1950) allowing you to remove items from the Playlist.
- Clicking on the left/right sides of the navigation interfaces is no longer restricted to 1 pixel, but rather 1 percent of the interface width.
- The "/MEDIANAV:category name" command line parameter was not functioning correctly.
- Under certain conditions the internal image viewer would not position the image correctly.
- Executing external applications on Windows 95/98 could cause a crash. This also affected the install center.
- Fixed small glitches with the skin.
- Made a few text instances clearer.
- Few more small bug fixes.