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AVG Free Edition 2013.0.3258 (32-bit)

Por AVG Technologies  (Freeware)
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* Anti-Rootkit: Fixed rare BSOD during Anti-Rootkit scan.
* AntiSpam: AntiSpam white/black lists support both e-mail addresses, and domains.
* Core: Fixed issue with script emulator freezing.
* Core: Optimized scan length on Mass Mailing documents in Office 2010.
* Email Scanner: Correct upgrades of e-mail servers settings arranged.
* Email Scanner: Fixed issue with certification text display in e-mail messages after AVG update.
* Email Scanner: Fixed IMAP issue with '{' in informational fields.
* Email Scanner: Fixed issue with display of statistics for scanned e-mails.
* Kernel: Fixed issue with Virus Vault detections stating "The end of the stream has been reached during the operation".
* Online Shield: Performance improvements in TDI driver.
* Online Shield: Fixed possible BSOD in TDI driver.
* Online Shield: Fixed temporary files leak when browsing on Windows 8.
* Outlook Addin: Fixed issue with AntiSpam white/black lists functionality on Exchange account.
* Resident Shield: Fixed issue with Resident Shield file exceptions.
* Resident Shield: Fixed possible hang-on while copying files from/to Novell network.
* Setup: Error message occurres if resume cannot proceed.
* Setup: Presence of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows blocks AVG installation.
* Setup: Error handling during setup initialization improved.
* Setup: Cyber Scrub products do not block AVG installation.