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Beyond Compare 4.0.0

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Por Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)

* File Formats
- Improved "File Formats" dialog handling of "Everything Else" items.
- Linux: Add images to "File Formats" dialog list.
* Folder Compare
- Tweaked back/forward arrow icons.
- Fixed truncated listings when using the "Recursive [-R]" option with PureFTPd.
* Misc
- Windows/OS X: Fixed "Check for Updates" support for HTTP proxy servers.
- Removed groupboxes to match user interface guidelines.
- OS X: Fixed spin edit appearance.
- OS X: Dimmed disabled icons to make the difference more obvious.
- OS X: Fixed dark gray panel in text grammar item dialog.
* Options
- Fixed context sensitive help to open to the page-specific topic.
- Windows: Fixed using Alt key to assign keyboard shortcuts.
* Picture Compare
- Fixed security vulnerability when loading .bmp files.
- Fixed error when comparing 1 pixel tall images.
- Fixed "Tolerance" algorithm reporting incorrect values unless the differences occurred in the bottom (Height/#CPUs) lines of the comparison.
* Reports
- OS X: "Page Setup" dialog now uses metric or imperial units based on system settings.
* Text Views
- Ctrl+Up/Down now keeps the selection unless the cursor needs to be moved into view.
- OS X: Fixed broken cross hatching when scrolling horizontally.
* Text Merge
- Fixed undocked output panel so closing it redocks to the main window instead of disappearing.
* Crashes
- OS X: Fixed "Restart" button in crash dialog.
- OS X/Linux: Fixed crash when loading a Dropbox folder with Unicode characters.
- OS X: Fixed Home view crash when clicking on a button while renaming a session.
- OS X: Fixed crash on OS X Yosemite (Preview 6).