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DivX Play 10.1.1

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# Components:
- Converter 10.1.1
- Player 10.1.1
- Web Player 3.1.1
- Codec Pack
- DivX To Go 10.1.1
- Media Server 10.1.1
- DivX Installer System 3.1.1
# New:
- Player resume video where last left off, or start from beginning
- Media Server added playback controls for streaming to DLNA Renderer devices
- Web Player added API for authored Chapter support
- Converter experimental CLI mode
# Fixed:
- Converter passthrough for AC3 audio tracks
- Converter error 2 issue for specific MKV, MP4 files
- Player can open HEVC video in MP4 container
- Column size in Player’s Library View is saved
- Player audio and subtitle menu in Icon always says "Track 0"
- Web Player supports special character in video TitleName such as ‘&’
- divx.dll video for windows codec no longer requires registration

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