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DivX Play 10.0.0

Por DivX Team  (Freeware)
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# Components:
* Converter 10.0
* Player 10.0
* Web Player 3.0
* Codec Pack
* DivX To Go 10.0
* Media Server 10.0
* DivX Installer System 3.0
# New:
* Player, Web Player support HEVC real time video decoding up to 1080p
* Converter has new DivX HEVC 1080p and 720p presets
* Player and Web Player have new matching DivX 10 skins
* Web Player custom skins can be controlled via a URL
* Converter and Web Player can support multiple subtitle and audio tracks with HEVC video
* Three new languages: Russian, Korean, Italian
* MKV streaming to XBOX via ffmpeg
* DivX VOD portal to register and manage DivX Certified devices online
* Converter supports DivX Plus (H.264) video up to 4K
* Converter has better error reporting for formats not supported with DirectShow
* Converter accepts muxing of external audio streams for multi-audio AVI/MKV creation
* Converter allows user to change temp folder settings
* Converter can shut down, hibernate, or sleep your computer after encoding
* Player has a new DRM architecture core for better premium content support
* Web Player buffering indicator is improved for better indication when the video is ready for playback
# Fixed:
* Converter can now support PCM audio fully, including PCM, LPCM, ADPCM
* Player high CPU issue when ads are disabled in Preferences
* Upside-down video issue in Player for MJPEG files
* Multiple issues with playlists including adding to playlists, playback of sequential files, reordering of playlists on Mac, blinking when transition to next video in playlists
* Player intermittent crash for some H264 4K files
* Player clears Recently Watched list when manually reset
* Maximize window issue for Player on Mac
* Removed “always on top” and “Edit” menus on Mac since not supported
* Player fixed default location even if it is moved to a secondary monitor and closed.
* Player crash issue when “Show Video Information” for some files
* Player mouse cursor disappearing in full screen
* Player mouse cursor timeout for normal and full screen is now 2secs
* Converter supports soft-style subtitles for AVI
* Converter retains XSUB/XSUB+ and MKV subtitles on input
* Error 21 during analyzing stage while trying to convert .M4V files
* Converting of movies with several audio tracks (include Vorbis) is failed on Mac
* WMA not recognized for files created in Windows Movie Maker (Zune HD 720p profile)
* AV sync issue on older iPods for files created with iPhone preset
* Custom Presets does not apply custom bitrate settings when reused
* DMS preserves shared folders when updated on Mac
* DMS auto refreshing of shared folders on Mac
* DMS issue where the client appears in Devices several times
* DMS shared sub-folders proper detection on Clients
* DMS “could not find shared folder” issue on some computers
* DivX HTML5 plugin is removed to fix support for sites using wmode overlays
* Web Player Tooltips are localized in all languages
* Web Player Tooltips fixed for proper display of all Win desktop display DPIs (100%, 125%, etc)
* Unicode support for DivX VOD account creation