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FileZilla 3.10.1 RC1

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# New features:
* Fixed wording of some error messages when using FTP over TLS
* Display subject alternative names in certificate verification dialog
* If re-editing multiple files already being edited, add a checkbox to apply action to all selected file
# Bugfixes and minor changes:
* Editing the same local file multiple times no longer results in an error message
* Display SHA-256 fingerprints in certificate verification dialog, no longer display MD5 fingerprints.
* Disable insecure RC4 algorithm in FTP over TLS
* *nix: Fix assertion when opening the file exists dialog on some multi-display systems
* Deleting items in the Site Manager now correctly upates the right-hand side of the dialog
* Dragging items in the Site Manager no longer makes the default port appear in the port input box
* OS X: Multi-line text edit controls no longer act like rich-text edit controls and no longer perform quote substitution