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Macrium Reflect 5.0.4522

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# New:
* File & Folder Log clipboard copy
- Users can now copy a CSV list of files either backed up or restored in the Macrium Reflect log view.
* Log Image File Sizes
- Backup file sizes are now included in the backup logs.
* Backup Drive Selection
- The drives/partitions selected in the main application window are now remembered between runs of Macrium Reflect.
# Bug fixes:
* Startup Issue
- Macrium Reflect could hang at startup if the file system contained an NTFS MFT record with a attribute list > 64K in size. This has been resolved.
* File & Folder Search
- When cancelling a File and Folder search operation for restore, Macrium Reflect could generate a dump report. This has been resolved.
* Licensing
- When contacting the license server, Macrium Reflect could crash on button clicks. This has been resolved.
* Email Attachment Images
- Success/fail graphics were omitted from email log attachments. This has been resolved.
* Toolbar/Status bar State
- The state of the toolbars and status bar were not being saved between runs of Macrium Reflect. This has been resolved.
* Installer issue
- In rare cases, during an upgrade from existing v4 install, the Image Mounting service would prevent the install from completing. This has been resolved.
* Fix Boot Problems Issue
- An edge case where the Fix Boot Problems option under WinPE could reboot the machine when manually specifying an operating system path. This has been resolved.

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