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Macrium Reflect 5.2.6345

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# New:
* Images and backup files can now be mounted writable in Windows Explorer
- When mounting an image or file and folder backup in Windows Explorer, a new option 'Make Writable' will enable write access to the mounted file system. This enables files to be accessed without the need to first restore them if they are required to be writeable by opening application. For example, Microsoft Virtual Disk (.vhdx) files can now be access directly in a mounted image without the need to restore the file first.
> Please note that changes to the mounted file system are temporary and will be discarded when the image is unmounted.
# Bug fixes:
* ImgToVHD conversion of images containing dynamic volumes
- The operation to convert an imade file containing dynamic volumes is now prevented. Previously this would cause an invalid VHD file to be created.
* Partition display layout incorrect
- If a disk contained a partition of 1MB or less then this cold cause the layout in the Reflect GUI to show unpredictable partition offsets. This has been resolved.
* Notepad could fail to launch when editing VBScript source files
- When editing VBScript source files on Windows Server the default editor 'Notepad' could fail to launch. This has been resolved.
* Directory search could cause Reflect to hang
- When typing in a network (UNC) path into any folder entry fields Reflect could become unresponsive. This has been resolved.