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MediaInfo 0.7.76

Por SARL  (Open Source)
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- XML output: line breaks and indents in between attributes for readability
- Trace feature: XML trace update, only if compiled with trace feature
- Amazon S3 support (REST API v2), CLI/DLL only and if compiled with libcurl support
- FFV1: improved slice analysis (currently activated only with trace feature and for 1st frame)
- MXF: optimization of the parsing, reading a lot less data (e.g. can be reduced from 1 GB to 10 MB with some UHD files)
- MXF: wrong frame count with files not having the video stream as the first stream
- Dolby E in MPEG-TS: "SMPTE ST 302" information was accidentally removed
- MPEG-TS: avoid filling delay from file name, not applicable on MPEG-TS
- MXF: better handling of huge padding blocks, better handling of descriptors without link to a TrackID
- IMX: streams claiming that they are IMX are actually pure MPEG Video, probing both IMX and MPEG Video