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MediaInfo 0.7.73

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- BPG: basic support, thanks to Kurtnoise
- CAF: basic support of Apple Core Audio Format, sponsored by FlavorSys
- JPEG-2000: Display of profile (Rsiz)
- JPEG-2000: detection of XYZ colorspace (based on D-Cinema profile)
- FFV1 in MOV: more details (version...)
- MOV/MPEG-4: handling of clcn (little endian nclc) Color parameter type
- #P84, Matroska: Add TEXTST support to the MKV Parser
- #P85, MPEG-TS: Add TEXTST support to the MPEG-PSI Parser
- MediaInfoDLL interface: clean up, more debug features added
- MediaInfoDLL interface: Giant threads lock removed
- #F460, VC-3/DNxHD: detection of RGB 444 and other SMPTE ST 2019 (2014) new CIDs
- VC-3/DNxHD: version number (HVN)
- Clean aperture size is move from width/height to its own field
- HEVC: tier
- MXF: writing library and writing application fields are cleaned up
- ProRes: support of 4444 profiles
- CAP: detection of CAP files from Cheetah and Lambda
- B886, XML and HTML outputs were broken
- B902: EBU AspectRatio invalid in case of non classic numerator:denominator format
- #B758, VC-3/DNxHD: wrong color space and subsampling in case of unknown CID, now empty if format version is not known
- #B903, MXG: Incorrect timecode track used for AS-11 DPP MXF files
- #B904, MXF: Handling repetition of Header Metadata in MXF files
- MXF: AFD value was wrong (displaying the complete byte, but AFD is only 4 bits of this byte)
- DTS: some streams in Little endian were not detected
- MPEG-4: some files were having an incorrect frame count
- AVC: Some SCTE 128 caption streams were displayed twice
- BMP; accepting files with file size information set to -1
- RF64: samplesCount was not always right
- MOV: avoid wrong parsing in case of "colr" atom with "prof" color parameter type
- DCP/IMF: ID has now the AM/PKL CPL order in order in all cases (not only when there is more than one CPL)
- #B893, MXF: Crash with Panasonic P2 3.0 files
- DPX: time information was with native ":" character
- Images sequence: "Delay" field is filled from the number in the name of the first file
- FLV: some files were not having the right duration
- DPX: Cineon files were detected as DPX Version 1, version number was not corresponding to the real version