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MediaPortal 1.6.0

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* Bug
- DetectDrive method obsolete
- skin.setstring slows down render process
- skin.setfocus will not work properly in onfocus handler
- Moving Pictures - Rating window is missing background
- Clicking the 'Edit Skin Settings' button in MP Config throws a TvControl exception
- PInvokeStackImbalance C# call to unmanaged C++ function error after switching to net4
- MP Keyboard hook method do not work anymore after switch to net4
- Changing language in MP Config does not clear the cache and leads to font corruption
- After change views or layouts, current item is not selected
- Auto3D - ViewModeSwitcher 3D correction
- Fix some hangs when switch Visualisation in Fullscreen
- Playing webstreams with gapless playback disabled causes not stopping previous stream
- Duplicated entries for Music Extensions in MediaPortal configuration
- Change of Music Visualisation in Fullscreen
- Titan Basic Home Editor config launcher doesn't know how to recover
- Use of KNC API DLL causes TV Server crash
- Powerscheduler registers for PBT_POWERSETTINGCHANGE event
- User group thumb change is not possible in VideoDb configuration
- WM_POWERBROADCAST messages are handled incorrect
- Fix LastFMScrobbler website announcements
- Avoid loading mediainfo multiple time when starting video
- Last.FM Radio next stream is not played and fix exception
- Fix MP crash when MediaInfoWrapper scan a wrong video files.
- Bump version number for MP 1.6.0 Final
- Mouse rework to fix some timeout cursor show and hide
- Titan Extended theme must be disabled when Watchdog (Debug mode) is used
- Fix null exception in GUITextureManager.cs
- Fix MP crash when close Bass_Vis need to be destroy
- LastFMScrobbler is enabled by default
* Improvement/Rework
- Show PowerScheduler Client Plugin in Configuration Standard Mode
- Change log level in MediaInfoWrapper from info to debug
- Tagreader should recognize m4b as Audio File
* New Feature
- Auto3D - Switch sides for reverse 3D movies
* Task
- Update ffmpeg for better thumbnail reliability

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