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Nmap 6.25

Por Gordon Lyon  (Open Source)
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- [NSE] Added CPE to smb-os-discovery output.
- [Ncat] Fixed the printing of warning messages for large arguments to the -i and -w options.
- [Ncat] Shut down the write part of connected sockets in listen mode when stdin hits EOF, just as was already done in connect mode.
- [Zenmap] Removed a crashing error that could happen when canceling a "Print to File" on Windows:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> File "zenmapGUI\MainWindow.pyo", line 831, in _print_cb
> File "zenmapGUI\Print.pyo", line 156, in run_print_operation
GError: Error from StartDoc
- Added some new checks for failed library calls. [Bill Parker]