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Rainlendar 2.13 Beta 141

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# Changes:
* Added support for CalDAV calendars which do not provide a list of calendars.
* Timezones with negative offset were set incorrectly for Google Calendar.
* Recurring events with exception instances were not read properly from CalDAV server.
* Local time zones were not always found when reading the events even if it was assigned to the calendar from Rainlendar.
* Deleting an instance in Google Calendar did not get updated to Rainlendar if the offline copy was enabled.
* Weekly recurring events on a calendar which defined a time zone were sometimes set on an incorrect day.
* Added option to save the event/task to file right from the editor.
* Polling events from Google calendar caused error 400.
* The Google Calendar events are now requested as gzip compressed to reduce the amount of transferred data.
* Opening the event editor after 23:30 moved the start and end time to the next day.
* Schedule views always show the first line of text even if it doesn't fully fit in the available area.
* Removed the old GooglePlugin since Google dropped the support for the old API.
* Some CalDAV servers returned also the folder when polling for changes which caused "404 not found" error.
* Updated openssl, libcurl and wxwidgets libraries.
* Added alternative authentication method to Google if the build-in browser does not work.
* Events in offline copy were not read correctly if it contained exceptions.
* Added --nolog command line argument to disable logging
* The description text always uses the local codepage when written to Outlook.