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Sandra Lite 2016a (22.15)

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* .Net native Vector support: (floating-point single/double) in latest 4.6 CLR RyuJIT. the CLR automatically uses AVX/SSE2 SIMD as supported by the CPU. (see .Net Vectors (CLR 4.6 RyuJIT) Performance article for more information).
* CPU Image Processing: Did not run SIMD code-paths (FMA, AVX, SSE2) only FPU resulting in low performance.
* GPGPU Image Processing: Minor performance optimisation for median/de-noise filter.
* GPGPU Crypto: SHA performance optimisations for nVidia cards in CUDA and OpenCL (SHA1 especially).
* Overall Score 2016: score may not generate in all cases.
* Windows 10: 1511 SDK update (build 10586 2015 November update).
* Website Change: Due to transition to WP links and feeds were broken.